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Important Notification & Media Statement Regarding Starr Albion Prep

We are very grateful for our long-standing partnership with Starr Commonwealth over the past six years. Together, our organizations have helped stabilize the lives of hundreds of teens while putting them on a pathway to lead healthy and successful lives. While we are deeply disappointed in the board’s decision to end our relationship in light of recent conversations with the State of Michigan, we will do whatever we can to help ensure a safe and smooth transition for our students and staff.

We are currently working alongside state officials, case workers and resident families to secure appropriate behavioral health program placements for the approximately 135 Starr Albion students currently on campus.

Our commitment to providing informed treatment and ongoing compassionate care to the youth throughout our network remains unchanged, and we continue to be unrelenting advocates for those we serve.

Programs & Services Offered

Juvenile Justice

The Traditional Residential Treatment Program serves at-risk and delinquent males ages 12-18. The program develops interpersonal problem-solving and cooperative-learning skills in a therapeutic group setting. The length of stay in the program varies by individual treatment needs. With strength-based practices, we help young men identify their strengths and capitalize on those abilities.

Substance Abuse

The Substance Abuse Treatment Program helps young men, ages 12-18, address issues related to their substance abuse by building upon and redirecting their strengths into constructive behaviors. Using The Seven Challenges substance abuse treatment model, our trained staff help the young men understand how their behavior affects others, and how they can successfully return or remain in their homes, schools and communities. Youth placed in our residential substance abuse program have experienced court involvement and require a higher level of structure and security than a community-based program can adequately provide. Albion Academy's Substance Abuse Treatment is a 90-day residential treatment program.

Sexually Reactive Youth

The Sexually Reactive Youth Program addresses the needs of young men, ages 12-18, who have sexually offended and are at moderate to high risk to reoffend. The length of the program varies depending on individual treatment needs. Group therapy allows young men to interact with other teens facing the same issues and helps them learn to take responsibility for their actions. Using a strength-based treatment philosophy, we help young men develop new values that guide their behavior for the long run.

Additional information

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